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Color Globe Light CT222

1.Waterproof Level: IP68
2.Simple and stylish design
3.Energy saving and environmental protection support solar charging
4.Built-in 600MA battery, can be used for 6-8 hours;
5.Support 5 flash modes (red, blue, green, white,four color exchange flash)
6.Support waterproof remote control, adjust flash mode as you like
7.Dual mode charging function, simple and convenient
8.Products are suitable for wide range: KTV, bars, cafes, discos, slow shake bars, leisure clubs, clubs, parks, gardens, swimming pools, high-end office buildings, etc.
9.Size: 200mm

Gift box
1 pcs CT222  light

1 pcs User manual

1 pcs remote control

Contact: Jessy Wang


MOB: 0086 13798344727